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The most important 20 tips for preventing corona

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Corona Prevention Tips

The most important 20 tips for preventing corona:

Corona Prevention Tips:

1-The virus is not a living being, so what is said about its killing is inaccurate.

2-Virus is like a piece of protein coated with a greasy cover.

3-The virus is too weak to die, but it will dissolve automatically by melting the fatty coating.

4-The lipid coating dissolves automatically and the virus dissolves rapidly, depending on the temperature.

5-Reduced caustic soda in detergents such as soap and a succession dissolves the fatty coating and causes the virus to degrade within 20 seconds.

6-The temperature more than 25 degrees leads to the rapid melting of the sebaceous envelope and the decay of the virus. A temperature of more than 17 degrees limits the spread of a temperature of more than 60, dissolves the virus and decomposes immediately.

7- Alcohol with a concentration of more than 60% ؜ and dilute chlorine 10% ؜ melt the fatty envelope and lead to the decomposition of the virus.

8- The virus is transmitted through the nose, mouth, eye, or inconsistent parts of the skin.

9-The virus may remain in the air for up to 3 hours at a temperature of 17 degrees, and its survival time will decrease as the temperature rises.

10- Acids such as vinegar and lemon do not melt fat and do not fight the virus.

11-Direct sunlight, especially ultraviolet rays, causes the virus to rapidly degrade, especially at temperatures above 17 degrees. There is no need to sterilize the sunny areas.

12-The virus lives longer on non-living objects, especially in low temperatures and dark and humid places. Beware of air conditioners.

13-Dust cleaning, whether for clothing, furniture, or floors, may spread the virus to the air and facilitate infection through breathing.

14-Antibacterial medical preparations have no direct effect on the virus.

15-Poorly ventilated places are risk factors for infection, especially with crowding.

16- Infection in most cases does not lead to the appearance of symptoms, but the virus carrier can spread the infection.

17-Cases with symptoms differ greatly from simple symptoms similar to the common cold and even respiratory infection and immune shock in rare cases.

18- Positive analysis does not mean disease or risk of death, but rather the ability to transmit infection and must be isolated at home.

19-The emergence of simple symptoms with positive analysis does not mean hospitalization but rather isolation.

20-Hospitalization must be for cases that show severe symptoms or complications.

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